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Small Scale Sculptures Commission

Proposal: To erect three metal structures in the area in front of the Public House at one end of Mutley Plain.


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Janet Stoyel
Samples of Janet Stoyel's metal fabric

Janet's plan is to erect a sculptural piece of work consisting of three separate pieces that will perform and appear as one finished piece of work. The pieces are loosely based upon the masts of riggers and tall mast sailing ships.

Three pieces of oval stainless steel provide the main structures - there is to be one main mast and two side masts. This number and the selected proportions are designed to compliment the proportions of the Hyde Park Hotel which is located next door.

The structures will be sunk into the ground in the middle of the existing planting bed.

The mast lengths are each 5.2 metres. The side arms of the masts are to be oval stainless steel, welded into position to create a strong side piece. The three pieces will be delivered directly to site for positioning and concreting into place in the plinth.

The woven metal sail pieces will be attached separately. Four square mesh pieces of the side masts will bolt into position with stainless steel fasteners. The woven phosphor bronze pieces of the main mast will slide onto the side arms using a tubular section, which will be stitched permanently for strength.

It is envisaged the sunlight and subsequent directional lighting will create ambiguous effects through overlapping elements of the pieces.

Janet's Site - www.clothclinic.com


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