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Website Commission

Stuart Moore was awarded the website commission. Stuart is a partner in Plymouth-based creative media company Sundog Media which is experienced in public art projects. Now that internet access is widespread, and available in such places as public libraries, sites like this can play valuable role in the delivery of public art projects, keeping the community informed and involved.

Mutley Plain Panoramic Images

Click image for panorama of south end of Mutley Plain

Click image for panorama of north end of Mutley Plain

Commissioned set of three postcards

Image used for postcard of Steve Geliot's castings in place on the central reservation Image used for postcard of Janet Stoyel's work Image used for postcard of a row of Andrew Skelton's planters in situ
Click image for larger version

Stuart is a talented digital artist and film-maker. His work has ranged from aerial camerawork to the underwater sequences featured in the video performance "Deepend" at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol. An accomplished photographer, his work has also featured in many magazines and books, such as the cover of the Arts Council Directory of British Film and Video Artists. Stuart has a developing interest in information architecture and collaborative online project development, particularly in the area of public art and urban regeneration.

Richard Deacon's sculpture "Moor" in Victoria Park, Plymouth. TSWA Four Cities Project photo © Stuart Moore
Stuart documented the Greenlink Project from 1998 to 2002, taking photographs, video, audio and VR panoramas. This documentation shows the progress of Greenlink and illustrates the process of this unique public art project. photo © Stuart Moore
What on Earth - animated widescreen title sequence for ITV Westcountry & HTV still from What on Earth titles

Current projects include urban soundscapes and large scale panoramic images.


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