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Launch Event

With all commissions now complete, and final funding bids due to be submitted over the next few weeks, a series of end of project meetings are now being scheduled.

These will commence with a meeting for commissioning team members and members of the groups they represent on Friday 23rd May at Mutley Baptist Church. This will be an opportunity to meet the artists, and to informally review the project and celebrate its successes.

It will also be a chance to look at what might happen next and to sign up for 2 workshops to be run by Groundwork Plymouth focusing specifically on future care of the plants introduced to Mutley Plain through the project.

Final Commissioning Team meeting & Launch event
Mutley Baptist Church 'Lounge'
Friday 23rd May 7.45 - 9.00 p.m.

Jo Atkey

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Janet Stoyel's installation was completed this evening. Dave Wilson and Martin McDermott of South West Highways are pictured in a cherry picker attaching the sails.

Read about Janet's artwork here

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The masts for Janet Stoyel's banner artwork were installed in front of the Hyde Park as darkness fell

mast being installed

Read about Janet's artwork here

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Site update:

We've added some old photographs of Mutley Plain on our history page. These photos were kindly supplied by City of Plymouth Library & Information Services

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November saw a start to the installation of environmental improvements with an artistic twist on Mutley Plain.

Following the public exhibition in 2001, artists have been working up their designs taking into account the comments and views of the 500 or so visitors to the exhibition.

Despite battling with initial technical difficulties, artist Steve Geliot developed new designs for the central reservation. Reluctantly moving away from the striking 'steel grass' designs, Steve has now produced a series of designs for cast aluminium mouldings, which were installed on the central reservation barrier on 15th December. There are around 300 of these forms, which appear at intervals along the central reservation.

Sculptor Andrew Skelton's 'big and bold' seating and planters have now been installed with planting scheduled on 19th December. Comments made at the exhibition asked for more colour, and Andrew has certainly responded to this request ! Made of coloured - orange, blue and yellow - concrete, Andrew's work can be found at various points along the length of the Plain.

Following a successful planning application, Janet Stoyel is finalising work on her 'steel banners' for installation adjacent to the Hyde Park hotel. As visitors to last year's exhibition will recall, Janet works with metal including woven steel, which will form the basis of the proposed colourful flag-like sculptures.

As well as the new 'street furniture' being paid for by the Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) and the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England, the programme of improvements includes refurbishment of existing seating on Mutley Plain. The project is also supporting the Council's current campaign against fly-posting and a final piece of 'added value' is being provided through the city council's highways department who will be installing new cycle hoops in the New Year.

A launch event is also planned for the New Year, with project completion scheduled for the end of March 2003.

Jo Atkey
Neighbourhood Renewal Co-ordinator
Plymouth City Council

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